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I am SO EXCITED to share the intensive work of the past 5 weeks, and perhaps my whole life has led me to here…

So many past creations finding their home in this work, feels like all the pieces are finally fitting together.

From the very beginning of working with women I wanted to share what we were talking to, what we were uncovering in the menstrual conversation, I wanted to share this with men. THIS work, feels like there are the mechanisms for real understanding and language to be built in such a way as to create true safety in a woman’s world to really go there, deeply within, knowing he will be able to hold her upon her return, as she has all of herself available to hold him.

We are in some turbulent times, we need to learn to truly trust ourselves and each other. This work deepens the vessel that is your relationship to become the sovereign state you can be, then in a powerful position to serve your family and your community.

Please Check out the details and see if it fits you.


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This image sits in front of me… a reminder of what incredible women can achieve… Each woman, in her lifetime, created the beginnings of profound movements that are still with us today!
Love of Women This I know I can be a part of too…

At the top of the circle, Elizabeth Kubler Ross… Transformed the medical professions relationship with Death.

Following the pentacle down to the right bottom, Anita Roddick... Made manifest the desire to enjoy our bodies with out costing an animals life or the health of the planet, part of the movement towards a brand new relationship with business.

Up to the left, Mary Daly… First woman to break through the Theological masculine world mind set (with her two PhD’s) to consider the feminine mind… although her separatist agenda is not one I can adhere to, her profound love of the feminine and the inherent intelligence that is found there is so much of what her work offers access to!

Straight along to the right, Marie Stopes… A woman that pioneered the first family planning clinic’s in London, perhaps anywhere, where education was brought to women, by midwives, about how their cycle worked, how their bodies worked, how sex could be enjoyable!! My kind of woman!

Down to the left, Tamara Slayton, the founder of the The Red Web movement of menstrual educators, a hero of mine from my very beginnings of riding the red tide!

Women of Love, Earth, Wisdom, Perseverance, Power and Change… Women that show me so much has already been changed, we can continue the change… with our LOVE of being a WOMAN!

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Just speaking with my new house-mate as to the possibility of a shared vision. I was honoured to be a part of a powerful expression of women earlier this year. Womb Awareness Week was an awesome set of moments, process of a group of women that simply wanted to “make more room for the womb”.  In our hearts, our minds, our bodies. The offering by Grace and Kate, the originators of this intention, was so gently held, so softly, as a precious thing to consider by any of us that came to the centre of this place.  From inception to delivery, just 3 months. From two and then three a conversation that then opened to about 12-15 of us at the core, another 30 to the circle that surrounded that and there was about 200-250 touched by the whole experience. How we did it is of great interest to me, for it was such a deliciously inclusive and gently power filled process that I know to be at the core of how we can generate the action that follows the vision.

Following the energy. Feeling for what is possible amongst a group of people. The resonance of what the world at large can perceive. We hit walls, we found ways around, we made commitments that we couldn’t keep, we trusted the process, we fell short of what we knew we were worth, we created something out of nothing in the most organic way that I have ever had the privilege to participate in. We aren’t the first group of humans to be in love with something so much you want to share it… from the steam engine appreciation groups to the racist fascists, with what ever intensity or content there is, we  as humans want to share our passions. How we share often dictates the feel of the event.

Tis this place of offering that I feel has worth of further investigation. When I look to that which I offer, the work that I do, the moments of StarFire that I share that are deeply changing the way women menstruate, I know that it is from a deep love that I have of my own body and the way that I bleed that fuels this continuous offering…  How have I got here? To this place where I am so sure that what I know, what I feel is to be possible for another.  It has become almost a crime of self to not keep making my offering, further, wider, shifting my language so that it can be comprehended by a wider audience, finding new and clear ways to say what I have been saying. I have to… seems that’s the only way I can honour this passion, to make an offering…

What passion moves you? What do you offer?

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I have been building, re-writing, developing, opening up to, STARFIRE for over 4 years now. I’ve only taught it 6 or so times, each time leaping and bounding in its intent, its content, its delivery… and now, here I am teaching StarFire at RMIT, as a consultant for the women’s department… tis a quite delicious taste, this the sweet nectar of victory… not over myself or anyone else, but the victory of reaching the top of a mountain… tis only a small one, at the very begining of a long mountain range… but it’s all mama along the way, she’ll hold me as she does now, firmly clearly and with a deep knowing that I can… for with this act I serve the blood, as I have, as I do and as I will. Woman and Earth, Earth and Woman, the relationship is core, and some of the core solutions are in our ability to define sacred, again, both woman and earth… they need to mean something so much more than what one can make from them… intrinsic value for being both woman and earth.

I teach again tonight… another group of delicious women that I can see my reflection in, offer up my knowings and share the love of the mama…

Aho to the gentle yet persistant ways of the water… the blood.

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