ace of wands

The Ace of Wand from the Haindl Tarot, the deck I have used from the beginning.

I learnt to read the Tarot over 22 years ago. It was a powerful introduction to a set of tools that to this day, I still love and use regularly. I am still exploring just how far they can reach into our collective understanding, our combined wisdom that has been anchored in those deep and secretive places like the Kabbalah, with it’s 22 paths intersecting the 22 Major Arcana.

For me the cards are about a conversation, a willingness to ask of and listen to another source of wisdom, beyond our logical mind, thus perhaps it’s derogatory response from those that can only trust the logos. When we allow this conversation, and for me a read is at best a conversation, where we bring forth another opinion, no greater nor lesser than your own, and certainly not written in stone.  From this place, this perspective, we have an opportunity to commune, deeply.

… that is, my other worldly self, is chatting with your other worldly self and using the symbols upon the cards we are exploring the stories of your life, seeking the truth in them, the illusion in them, the possibility in them. To share a moment of time with someone, a total stranger and to have a truth come tumbling out over my lips, something held deep within that perhaps has never been given voice, but always know, that is the “freaky bit” of the tarot… that I some how can “know” about you, when what I am doing is reflecting you… tuning into you and allowing that to open us both.

Often I do draw from my life to contextualize what it is that I am feeling, an understanding that I have made in my world, that may assist the brave soul in front of me. For bravery is what it takes to ask a question we may not like the answer to. From here, I trust that the wisdom that is spoken also lays upon my heart softly and wisely, for rare is the read that doesn’t have a few words for me.

These last 3 years I have taken it upon myself to share this art form of reading the Tarot in a class form. Four 4 hour sessions, which in the past were delivered over 4 weeks, but this time I am going to deliver them ALL in one weekend!, I am both excited and a little nervous about the power filled down load that we are going to step into.

To learn this skill set, to open to the wisdom of 78 forms, in a framework, that have the value you create, the wisdom you ascribe is an awesome permission to give yourself.

If you live in Melbourne, perhaps you can join us.


To be allowed..

Happy New Year… the Year of the Horse!.

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Living Circles


This morning I process the feelings that would stand in my way to stand up in front of you.. an audience.. perhaps not this one, unless you can be in Melbourne at Mother Tongue tomorrow night.. but a real live audience to make my offering. I’ve been chewing on it for weeks, even when the words are not in front of me, I have had them digesting within me.

I rarely consider myself a poet. A witch, an orator, a teacher, yes… but not normally a poet… even spoken word artist doesn’t distance itself enough from that state that says…  Poet … How dare I consider myself a poet? The tirade is endless… and yet I must have found the end as I am going to step up and out into the world of poetry.

well… mostly… I am kinda cheating… well, not really cheating, just representing the WHOLE…

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TED IS DEAD… And the pendulum swings… Just when we thought we could start to really own the power of the mind to heal, the inherent wisdom of the earth in the plants and crystals… The possibilities of being human… Along comes the body corporate to shut down any speculation that there is any other offering but the one they are selling!


Must protect the unsuspecting punter from the evils of homeopathy and cancer curing anecdotal evidence… Humans must never inspire humans to consider reality beyond the prescribed version that has been sanction through the bowels of a university… By all means necessary, contain the freethinking virus and stop its anarchic spread across the Internet!
What was TED for? Why was it so popular? Why did its offerings garnish so many eyeballs? Who started it? Who owns it now? Silly move oh “powers that be”.. By outlawing the conversations that count, and inserting your own public relations press releases you have written the death warrant for TED… For any intelligent Internet user that checks their sources, understanding agenda and noting bias can smell broadcast a mile away… Therefore you have now made the value of your proclamations worthless.
In just one illustration of stupidity let’s take a definition of a red flag topic taken from the letter that TEDx community  “The fusion of science and spirituality. Be especially careful of anyone trying to prove the validity of their religious beliefs and practices by using science”  … I’m sorry, but have you watched Jill Bolte Taylor?? 11,750,000+ have, but according to these definitions her work is bogus…. Really?
Your intention may well have been about shutting down conversations you can’t control… still… but the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems, aka free minds, will slip through your fingers!
There will be another TED… Maybe this time it will be held with integrity that can’t be bought… If I’m wrong about that please let me know… For right now, I’m wondering where I send the flowers?


Where to from here?.

Sharing the loving…

Living Circles

When I share my beautiful “Fragile Please Touch Me” Teraphim with the circle, I feel the ancients holding her with me. This tool, I explain, comes from a time when our Goddesses where close enough to touch. When we built forms we could hold on to when the shit got real! Something power-filled to walk with us as we stretched open in a thousand directions to allow our daughter’s birth through us. Our Goddesses were for support, like we were as women to each other, like we can be now if we let go of our shields and use our swords with respect and tender loving care.

Artifacts are those things that embody what you are investing your whole self into. They are the shapes and vessels to pour oneself into, that maybe others may share, or maybe we get to really anchor our self into a moment for future…

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