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I have just begun this evocotatively titled book that I must say is hitting the nail right on the head! at page 36 I am already questioning where the hell do we go from here??? there are so many moments to quote that just astound me, the top of the list is the 700% increase in 12 years to the number of boob jobs being done! then there is all the “corrective surgery” to the vagina that blows my mind when the common side effects to this now pretty pussy is that you may loose ALL feeling!!! WTF??? what in the Goddesses name are we doing? Am I a prude? (any one that knows me, knows thats just BS) am I questioning the commerical right of every woman to do her hardest to look like Paris Hilton? Damn straight I am questioning the intent!!! “when all you have is surface value, invisibility is death” from the women’s room a book from the 70’s that is still as relevant today as ever.

How does one respond? where does one point the finger at to say this is all YOUR doing?? cause it’s not men doing this TO women, this is women deciding to qualify themselves by their overt sexual exposure, the Bimbo is back babe, and you better believe in her power to define what a woman is… really??? I mean really?? is the soccer mum’s sucking face on BBQ nights truly how our sexuality has … evolved?

I recently spoke with Cameron Reily on the podcast network about the difference between pole dancing and belly dancing, which IMHO is the difference between for/with him and for/with her. The deep profound places of sexual energy a woman accesses WITHIN are what a woman finds in belly dancing, pole dancing is the exhibition or explotation of that sexuality rather than the exploration. But perhaps the real difference is in the relating, is it about where our sexuality lives? does it only surface on the face of another? or is a pure force of nature that one rides solo just as wonderously as in a quartet!

To explore or to exploit?? is this the distinction between love and sex, or can the sex still be explorative? is this the overflowing expression of skin that can take place? or the transactional nature of stroking that ego that lives for that approval, finding power in the act of high performance?

Perhaps this is just the surface dwelling nature of a part of society, not the whole, just the young and frivolous stretching the bounds of once very tight definition of what is acceptable in public? Any one that’s bore witness to me in corset and boots knows I dress as much for myself as for any one else.

But… I see my daughter measure her worth by these standards, without the benefit of years of practice in being immune to “are you do-able sweep up and down” a glance that is performed by women as much as men, although they are usually looking to see if you are any more ‘do-able’ than they are; gotta measure your status of fuckablitity in any given moment, in any given crowd.

mmmm what do are daughters deserve?

I’m going to read some more… will continue this rant


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