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Creating our life from the life creating forces, as true ownership of ones sexual force allows for profound sharing! http://ow.ly/i/bZfM4


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I am SO EXCITED to share the intensive work of the past 5 weeks, and perhaps my whole life has led me to here…

So many past creations finding their home in this work, feels like all the pieces are finally fitting together.

From the very beginning of working with women I wanted to share what we were talking to, what we were uncovering in the menstrual conversation, I wanted to share this with men. THIS work, feels like there are the mechanisms for real understanding and language to be built in such a way as to create true safety in a woman’s world to really go there, deeply within, knowing he will be able to hold her upon her return, as she has all of herself available to hold him.

We are in some turbulent times, we need to learn to truly trust ourselves and each other. This work deepens the vessel that is your relationship to become the sovereign state you can be, then in a powerful position to serve your family and your community.

Please Check out the details and see if it fits you.

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The AMAZING Orly Faya created the perfect expression of Mapping the Loving Landscape. http://www.orlyfaya.com/ http://ow.ly/i/bEWWI

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SO very excited and grateful to work with Melissa Shemanna, and the http://www.honeybeetemple.com.au/ to assist us to introduce Preconception Exploration. http://ow.ly/i/bCOBO

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