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The conceptual design for Our Womb Temple.

The conceptual design for Our Womb Temple.

Our Womb Temple. The space within that is our first home. A space within our woman’s body that is Temple if we so choose it to be. If we reclaim the sacredness that we once knew of ourselves. If we became what we believed in.

Speaking with the awesomeness that is Sean and Danni from Earth Works, their Earthship building team that will be doing a build here late summer 2016, at our farm. So very excited to see the path towards the sanctuary this land will become. A place of living with, our self, the whole self, the real self, the one that is fully functional, deeply enough. Reclaiming the sacredness of sex, of earth, of our medicine plants, of death.

I found myself describing the rites of living with. From some kind of Agnihotra, dawn and dusk fire ceremony. A Dark and Full moon oscillation of the Earth Lodge. The seasonal Bio-Dynamics, planting and then adding the animals to the conversation with their breeding expressions. There will be much to just BE with. An ease to slip into, be a part of, rest in. This will be part of what it is you arrive to, as well as the bounty of what the work here is all about.

The process of going in, coming back, making real. That is the practice. Sourcing ourselves from the sacred worlds within.

“The Time has come where each must do their own work of redemption.” Carl Jung.

These times call for our renewed trust in ourselves, what we know of Living Gently with Earth. We are the source of Sacred.


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