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Living Circles

When I share my beautiful “Fragile Please Touch Me” Teraphim with the circle, I feel the ancients holding her with me. This tool, I explain, comes from a time when our Goddesses where close enough to touch. When we built forms we could hold on to when the shit got real! Something power-filled to walk with us as we stretched open in a thousand directions to allow our daughter’s birth through us. Our Goddesses were for support, like we were as women to each other, like we can be now if we let go of our shields and use our swords with respect and tender loving care.

Artifacts are those things that embody what you are investing your whole self into. They are the shapes and vessels to pour oneself into, that maybe others may share, or maybe we get to really anchor our self into a moment for future…

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Tis my understanding of blood work as a direct action, personal and political!  To take back one’s power of conscious menstrual experience, from where our culture trains us to put it, is almost an act of treason… almost. I have felt at times the very act itself, of loving the blood, the bleed and all that lives there in the juicy states of being ALL that I am… can be offensive to others, just because I am challenging the core of a status quo they don’t even know they are fully engaged with. For me, Blood Work… being a Menstrual Educator, is being a Menstrual Activist, probably bordering on a pleasure activist nowadays, as my menstruation becomes more and more ecstatic … And in time a personal act of rebellion then builds political muscle, strengthening a will that wont be silenced… and that beloved woman is what your blood voice is for!!

Aho to the Blood Warriors of our generation, and the ones that have led us here! Shall we Name them? I’ll start…

Penelope Shuttle, Tamara Slayton, Marie Stopes, Lara Owen, Jane Hardwicke-Collings, Jane Bennett, Dr Christine Northup, Inga Musico… Please, name me some more!

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continuing the conversation from blood jewels…

Living Circles

Cd Cover

The Red Tide is Rising… the Mama’s voice, that which has moved me over these last 15 years of becoming a menstrual educator is hankering to be heard. There were library searches I would do back then, questing for someone else that may know about what I was beginning to learn from my body. Not finding very much, but what I did find I consumed with such gusto! The Wise Wound, Red Moon, Wild Genie, Her Blood is Gold.

I tried to create a collective of menstrual educators back in 1999/2000… I wasn’t ready then. I almost owned the Australian and NZ license for the Keeper… that would have made things very different… But what I ended up doing was building the Temple of the Blood CD… A menstrual meditation that is for clearing away the shame. Making the commitment to Her to listen to what moves me. To share…

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