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Blood Jewels.  The loving continues…


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my altar for time

We watched the film “A Dangerous Method” last night… that powerful moment of separation between the learning, willing to participate, Jung, and the only able to hold the authoritative core of analysis, Freud, a true moment of student surpassing the master… That Freud existed at all I am grateful, that he held open the space that gave birth to the opportunity that is processing our emotional experience, profound… but where Jung took it, where he went in the name of his own sanity, and the possibility of the human experience, just how far human freedom could be expressed, this is what I have come to understand as the gift of Jung, of the birth of psychoanalysis…

To risk our authority is to say … I don’t know… I have no idea what lay beyond this, and that is the most delicious way to learn, perhaps the only way to learn. Here I am sitting on the edge of the abyss again, knowing I have to go forward, prepared to go alone if I have to, but deeply wishing you will come with me… I don’t know where this will take me, but my intent is to find what ever we need, what I need, to make the deep respect I have for Earth, Women, Men and Children… REAL. Live-able, sustainable, realistic. I’m after Utopia, I want a world where we can ALL live in basic harmony, with the self, each other and this Blessed Earth.

The pic is the altar I have just built… I feel like I have created access to all of time now by bringing in my cycle observations into newly created ritualistic tools to harness the fertility of me. This is my time to build. To make real all the deep and juicy visions that come, blood after blood, as the wheel turns. Everything I have ever learnt has led me here.

I’m building a temple to the womb, for the womb, to create access to Her womb, collective core creative power. The vision I have is to share this space, the building of it, the access to it. Retreat space, to stay and descend, at first it may just be that there is space to pitch a tent. In time a big juicy building that has all manner of goodness to share. Permaculture food forests, labyrinth’s, bush sculptures, studio space, both wet and dry. One day a forge in the workshop.  SO much to make real, and such a core knowing that the means are the ends, the how and who of this build feels open, needs to be open, but only to those willing, able to do the work, WITH.

I have no idea where this will take me… I have no real authority that we will make it there, into Her… But what I do know is that I have an invitation to those around me…. is your vision to work WITH… Let me know if you want to play!

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A delicious idea raged through me just the other morning, and now that it has some form, tis time to share it.

When we give a new body of knowledge a physical anchour for the conscious mind, we allow for embodiment, which is very different to remembering.  A simple set of actions that build the wisdom from the inside out. This concept can’t be new, I am sure there are many that utilize our disposition to small acts of ritual to support a framework of understanding, I just can’t think of them right now.

So, the body of work, Harnessing the Fertile Force, is a process of accessing our core fertility, our fecundity, from the whole of the cycle. Allowing ourselves to really sink in and use the whole 28+ days (or your version… anywhere from 18-45 is considered normal).

This particular part is to access the gift of life that is each and every egg as it makes itself ready for your world, whether you are or not, whether one uses that egg for physical babies, or idea babies, or just getting through to the next action of the project that is our life! That egg has a force, subtle but perhaps some of the most potent intentional state one can imagine.

Here is the idea… I’m going to take two vessels, bowls or vases, similar but not the same perhaps, and then calculate how many ovulation’s I may have left before I pause, slip into menopause.  For me, I took the age I am from the age my mum paused, and then added another 5 years just to be safe. Then I multiplied it by 13, number of cycles per year… so, for me, I settled on 222 as my number… I’m going to purchase 222 freshwater pearls, the ones you can get from many stores, the not perfect ones with holes in them so that they can be threaded… Then, placing them ALL in one vessel on an altar space set up just for this moment, so that with ease, I can take just one of those pearls out, sit with it, drop into my ovary, feel that egg prepare, witness the point on the horizon that I wish to aim for… fill that pearl and then place it gently into the empty vessel.  Simple, but deep access to your ovulation power embedded in your body!

Cycle after cycle, the empty vessel shall slowly fill… even assisting me to come to terms with the fact that my beloved cycle, that I relish each phase of, will slip from my life, as I prepare to pause.

You could use seeds, seedpods, buttons, marbles, other crystals or a mix. For me, being able to build something from this perhaps once I have paused, as a recognition/homage to all that has been done, and an access to what I have achieved with my ovulatory power, feels important, so being aware of where they as symbols/sigils of your eggs will eventually live feels important.

There are more… each of the phases feels to be effectively accessed by each of these simple rites. You may have to come to my class to receive the rest though.

What would you use to represent your ovulation’s?



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