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Too delicious not to share…

Living Circles

To share the company of women, only women, just for a while… tis a blessed thing. What we can afford each other in this moment, where we share what it feels like to be a woman, in ourselves, in our worlds… Sometimes it’s about men, but mostly it’s about how we feel about other things… life, death, sex, children, mothers… Veet hair removal gel for men comments on Amazon…  we were going to do readings for each other, but that didn’t happen, even though there were about a dozen sets of cards on the table, we didn’t need them to start any conversations, open us up to what was going on within. Seems we have found that delicious space to trust each other, where we just need to be together and it starts to flow, the words, the rarely spoken words of self, safe in the “cone of silence”…

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Are you Valuing the Female Experience?

Living Circles


How do we value something that is not considered value-able by our culture? How do we make worthy of our attention whole sections of ourselves that this consuming culture considers worthless… primarily because no one can sell it to you…

The Female Experience… a vast and mostly uncharted lands deep within every woman walking around… that would be over three and a half billion perceptions of the inner landscape… and then, when you consider that every man is walking about with his very own Anima that makes for over seven billion versions of the Female Experience.

There was  a time in our race’s past where we honoured women, the blood, birthing, becoming crone… we were in profound relations with the Earth and all her bounty. We understood the healing within so much of her plants, we were in relations with Her cycles… then things changed. This account, Herstory by Jane Hardwicke Collings

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