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Descending into the depths of the underworld that you may share circle with the women that have held you as sacred for so many lifetimes. This circle is always there, just under your surface and the practice of returning to it each time you bleed will only strengthen your sense of self and inner power and guidance to such profound levels that you will know a deeper and fundamental peace.  Sit in this circle as often as you choose to be with your wisdom to such a degree as to hear yourself from the outside as well as the inner-side. Sharing a good strong meal in the underworld with your ancient sisters is to turn and face death, sit down and have a cuppa, knowing that “She loves you and you are going to die”

This experience is going to change as you use this system. There will become an intensity of self arising, as well as a fierceness to protect your blood time. Making sure that you are able to take time for self, tend this deep well of self. As your world shifts, please return here and share the journey.


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This is the longest of our phases, we spend the most time here in this land of being in the world with so much potential. We are capable of many actions, knowings and profound healing. In this journey we utilise the inner landscapes capacity to hold us with enough room to see just the part we are working with right now. As we hold sacred space and allow for that which can be healed, today, now as we are able, within this space to further the living of wholeness and being real. This is the emotional currency, as in being fully felt, by the self for the purpose of truly feeling alive in the now. As you now, and the past of you, either 2 weeks or 2 decades ago, hold a moment that is alive in your being, hold it to know it, to know it is to understand it, to understand is to bring healing and closure that it no longer has any power over you in its unfinished form.  The Mama is with us in this journey so very power-fully that we may learn to trust Her and all Her bountiful gifts.

The art form of ever healing the self, towards wholeness and an authentic real life lived ALL the way out to the edges, this art form can be practiced here in the pre-menstrual state… wow, tis a long way away from where we normally hold the pre-menstrual phase. As you use this meditation, as you take full response-ability for what you are feeling, please share here in this blog post the shifts you are noticing.


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