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This image sits in front of me… a reminder of what incredible women can achieve… Each woman, in her lifetime, created the beginnings of profound movements that are still with us today!
Love of Women This I know I can be a part of too…

At the top of the circle, Elizabeth Kubler Ross… Transformed the medical professions relationship with Death.

Following the pentacle down to the right bottom, Anita Roddick... Made manifest the desire to enjoy our bodies with out costing an animals life or the health of the planet, part of the movement towards a brand new relationship with business.

Up to the left, Mary Daly… First woman to break through the Theological masculine world mind set (with her two PhD’s) to consider the feminine mind… although her separatist agenda is not one I can adhere to, her profound love of the feminine and the inherent intelligence that is found there is so much of what her work offers access to!

Straight along to the right, Marie Stopes… A woman that pioneered the first family planning clinic’s in London, perhaps anywhere, where education was brought to women, by midwives, about how their cycle worked, how their bodies worked, how sex could be enjoyable!! My kind of woman!

Down to the left, Tamara Slayton, the founder of the The Red Web movement of menstrual educators, a hero of mine from my very beginnings of riding the red tide!

Women of Love, Earth, Wisdom, Perseverance, Power and Change… Women that show me so much has already been changed, we can continue the change… with our LOVE of being a WOMAN!


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