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As the state I choose to enjoy as I bleed unfolds in my being… I hear a call to word. This cycle has a hue to it, a shade of red that I can perceive, a fire that must be expressed. Feels like a call out to ALL those delicious women that I know and love, as well as ALL those women I have yet to share circle with.

As CIRCLE is what I wish to speak to.

Are you in a circle? A women’s circle? A vessel that you allow yourself to be truly seen, heard, held and known for who you are, not only the roles you play? YOU, Woman, you are incredible, and yet, when you allow yourself, give yourself permission and a profound commitment to your female experience that is a women’s circle… you are part of the solution.

As women gather all over the world to share who they really are, not the manufactured image that is rammed down our throats, but the real inner beauty that every woman has access to! As we as women, gather in a state of sisterhood that is respectful, without comparison nor competition, but real loving acceptance and presence to our individual REAL experience, then, then blessed woman we are on our way to wholeness. Realness. And in this world of illusion, we need to be in relationship with what is actually REAL.

The stock exchange is not real. National debt is not real. War’s fought for who own’s the oil is not real. Global warming is Real. Deforestation is Real. Human slavery, animal cruelty, marketing department created mental illnesses, are Real.

There is a reason that women entrain their menstrual cycles when they are in close proximity to one another, they begin to bleed together, BECAUSE we are meant to work together, particularly when we bleed!

Together we are part of the force of nature that will not be ignored any longer. Together we are the fiscal reality of a companies decision to test on animals or not. Together we are 90% of financial choices being made. Together we change the world.

If we turn away from the external definition of who we are “meant” to be, what we are “meant” to look like, if we turn as one body of women, to honour the body, the female experince, VALUE the female experience, as the way we wear our skin, as the ways we choose to birth, the incredible capacity for ecstasy as we learn how, harness our fertile force rather than medicate it out of existence, as a force we apparently have no use for… beyond babies.

Women are more than baby machines, more than cleaning women that also cook, we are worth more than the minimum wage. We are worth more  to our communities with our voices loud, our feet solid and secure, our hands in the earth. We are profoundly logical, but not linear. We are connected to an inner cyclical nature, not a Greenwich time calculation. We can feel the call to become more than that which has contained us. We no longer need to maintain the fears that have ruled us. The marketing principle of the hierarchic nature of insecurity can not apply, if we internally define ourselves, rather than look to a very sick culture for some kind of reflection of who we are, we need to express who we choose to BE.

Be in circle beautiful woman. BE Real and Whole in circle and the rest of your moon will be governed by a force of you and Her, moving as one. THAT is what our Earth, our Mother needs… women being REAL women, connected, loving, open, honest, real and whole, on fire! We will not burn beautiful sisters, not this time… This time we will flow, like the great Red Tide Rising, we will flow into a Real World learning to Heal.


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A Red Tide is Rising… as perhaps the third wave defines what is valuable about being a woman… If our first wave was to be valued enough to vote, to have an opinion. Our second wave to be valued enough to learn, work and contribute to our race’s efforts. Then perhaps our third wave is where/when we value to the experience of woman, bringing into our culture the mystery that is woman, newly seen with understanding that honours her original state. Bringing into the equation all her Funky bits! Her womb mind, the wisdom of mothers, the capacity of heart to hold the love our race desperately needs, the natural cyclical nature of woman that is in deep relations to the earth… relations we need to nurture and help grow if we are to live WITH the earth, not just on it, or off it.

We can use our heads, our hands, our feet, checking accounts, and reverse park the trailer, but can we use the belly of goodness we walk around with every day?

If the first wave was our vote, the second our financial freedom, perhaps the third is our body right’s, to a fully functional fertile cycle and a body that we can trust and remember how to give birth.

For there is no pill to cure us, no surgery to make it all better, this wave is the understanding that there is NO TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTION to being a woman. We are women, we are built this way for a reason, we have real purpose and value just the way we are. Our core design is incredible, our bodies a series of stunningly beautiful events that unfold gently over our lives to stretch us as we grow into the whole women we were always meant to be… cherished for our particular version of Luna-See, that brings forth a a sight that logic cannot bear, a knowing, a ken of what really lies there, beyond the veil between life and death with birth as power-filled with all the possibilities of the child and this brand new family.

By honouring ALL of her, each woman as valid in her experience of life not pathologizing into varying shades of wrong, as a race we can become ONE, living WITH this blessed Earth.

Can you feel the Red Tide Rising? If so, How does it show up in your world?

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