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I know I go on,

and I’ve decided that I am meant to keep, “go-ing on”,

for where else in our media driven world do we hear those words? I am loving this bleed?

This menstrual cycle is turning me on, deeply to myself, my life and ALL the juicy in it! I am in day three, my last day, and there has been such intensity this cycle that I am a little sad to feel it leave… The first day had such strong trance to it, all I had to do was let go a little and there I was soft focussed and thinking with all that other 90% of my being… so many levels of juicy… the writing delicious, the mojo riding ecstatic.

Dreamt this morning of sitting with a woman, her friends. We were talking to the transition of mind as we begin to perceive the menstrual power and wisdom, how the body changed. This woman had only just begun two cycles before to even consider her cycle a strength, and she was witnessing changes in her bodies experience, a phenomenal moment I have seen in real life over and over again… this woman in my dream was in awe, so I reached into my bag and gave her one of my CD’s... knowing it would take her another chunk of the way to finding and living in a real valuing of the menstrual experience.

Viva La Valuing the Menstrual Experience… Because You’re Worth It! (see further Gruen Transfer post)

Thanks for hearing me….

Big Love from the edge of the oceans of bliss…


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