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Picture of My Money Heart

This is an idea I had, and now use, to be in more relationship with the money I owed people that also became the place where that which I wished for had a home too. Over the years I have been known, by others and myself, to not have a great relationship with money. My beautiful Taurian daughter quite clearly described it as… “Mum… you don’t even like money!” spot on 13 year old! So in my journey to shift my relationship with money, and the guilt/crappy feelings I have felt about owing money to others that I have just not been able to pay… which then makes for the place where I am not being in relationship with the debt for I am feeling crap.. you can see the tighter and tighter knot that this can get oneself into. SO, I built myself a “LOVE MONEY HEART” it just came to me, that if I choose to be present to that which I am endebted to so that I may make it different, I needed a way to see it regularly in such a way as to feel better/good/empowered to make the situation different. As it evolved in my use of it, there also become space for placing that which I really wanted to manifest in my life. I make it an offering here… Draw a heart. Make a grid throughout it. Define for yourself what each square in the grid is worth. For me, each grid square is worth $350. Then place a boarder around the defined amount that needs to be represented. Put a dot into the center of the defined area, and link it to an effective descriptor. ie. $xxx for My brother or $180 for the Red Book by Carl Jung. Once the money is there, paid, colour it in, for me in many shades of Red. To look at it now, there are some coloured in squares, and many more to colour in… but the feeling I have when I look at it is that I am getting there, opening to money, that I am learning to love money and be grateful for what I have already achieved. It is my hope in this offering that others may find it useful. If you do end up giving it a go, love to hear how it works for you!



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