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To feel the younger woman we were, the woman our mothers were, our grandmothers, even our great grandmothers. This is the role of this tool to access the power of the ovulation, the mother line opened to us that we may understand how we are shaped, what the women felt like, that shaped our woman. Each time we ovulate we are deep within the womanhood, using this moment to fully comprehend where we have come from where we held from, this is deep body knowledge that will enhance the way you wear your woman. Our bodies are incredible with what it is that they know, this is an opportunity to listen deeply to the inner layers, the deeper inner sanctums that we carry with us in every gesture and thought passageway. We have been molded, to witness the women, from the inside in the way in which we were molded, gives us greater compassion for the woman we are, as well as the women they were…

As with the other offerings, here in this blog post, in the comments, is where you are invited to share what you felt as you used this┬ámeditation… Deep blessings to you delicious woman, for having the courage to find out where you have come from, that you may determine where you will go.


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