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The Pre-Ovulation experience:

The journey you are taking here is to truly harness the power of your ovulation, this moment in time to open to the creative power within. The creativity that could have been a human life has all the power of a human life, your human life. What do you choose? What do you intend for your life? Here is an opportunity to PLAY! As you bring your whole self into alignment, your distant future and the future you that lives just on the other side of this cycle ahead of you. Create and play and once full of intention, feel the support, the actualization of EVERYTHING that you can dream. Feel the Love that surrounds and supports all that you are and all that you choose! This is not the realm to discover the how, this is the realm to know it is already done, therefore you do know how, all you need to do is BE who you are, relax and open, loving you, and your life.

Please, as you use this mp3, open to it and find yourself there, bring back anything you wish to share about the experience here, to this comment section of this blog, for this segment of the journey… there are other posts for the other parts of the cycle.


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