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Are you one of my 100 women? Women that are up for an exploration of being women? This trial is for the new work of Living Gently. It’s called, Harnessing the Fertile Force. It is to utilize the cycle that a woman’s body naturally rides, accessing the deeper parts of the cycle for use in our daily lives. Starting with the survey, Here you record where you are now… then after using the work, all four of the guided¬†visualizations, during the cycle, you then come back to the survey, after 2-3 cycles and take it again to measure where you have shifted your world.

I would love feedback from you all, in as many ways as you can offer! I’ll leave this comments ¬†section here about the overall intention of the work, to be for feedback about the technical side of the work… What would you like to hear happen? sound scapes? drums? singing? where? These recordings are very basic, just me speaking and when I get into the studio they will become much more rich and textured to hold you there, in the void, in the underworld, in the inner landscape.

I’m going to write another four blog posts about each of them as I get to do them myself…

Blessings of the Blood for there are so many of them!



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