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I had a power filled Wednesday. Started with my substitute lecturer not showing up, fine more time to study for the test in the tutorial. I get to this test, and I kid you not, 3/4 of it was algebra. This is meant to be Project Management Fundamentals, and I’m calculating, to three decimal points, the learning curve on a group of human beings that are building 50 concrete boxes called houses, when in the past they have usually taken 20 days to complete one, and the consultant says that they should be able to do it in 17… Oh my Goddess… can anyone else here see the place where my rage comes from and why it burns me so? When was it ok to reduce humanity to this level of quantification? When did we agree to a life being spent doing these kinds of calculations… well I didn’t. I wrote out why this was the most insulting, banal and useless piece of information that I did not consider university education. Felt good, and still does, not a second of remorse.

Standing outside of my uni, I felt great and yet needed to do something in the most other direction… I had heard that there was an incredible installation at the National Vic, Gallery, by Bill Viola. I had not met this work before, and I am so grateful to the sister who spoke so lyrically about the experience left in her body… for that is what I wanted. To be touched gently by art in my body after being been so enraged in heart and mind by academia.

The piece of art is called Ocean without a Shore

I was with this moment between death and life, the veil, for over an hour… it fed me, nourished me and soothed me. Reminding me of the incredible state that it is to be an alive human. That we may loose it in a moment. I could go home after that, knowing that where I put my attention, on the bigger broader parts of being human is as valid as the three decimal points.

May your life be truly rewarding and valid for you!

Blessings of the Blood, Katherine.


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