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…for in the role of being with a woman through whatever she is going through, we are with.  Today I had the honour of being with a sister as she let go… let go of her containment, her fear and the baby within her. It was gentle. It was bloody. It was awesome to witness the body respond so deeply to the heart and mind as the understandings came clearer and stronger, so too, did the flow of blood.

As we went home and began to prepare for the process to continue, there was definitely a place where I understood for eons, where women would look to the wise women, the witches of their communities to assist them to release with ease.

This is what I saw.

A woman opening to the truth of the relationship she was in, seeing effectively the viciousness that was becoming entrenched and knowing deeply that she would not bring this child into that relationship. As she let go of the dream, that place where he would look after her and protect her and faced the reality that he was the only thing in her world that she needed protection from, both of them have been set free from the life long commitment that is parenting a child that would not be %100 wanted by both partners.

Tis a big place, one that is rarely spoken to, or painted of and yet miscarriage happens to over %20 of pregnancies. Where do we learn to be with this level of death. Is there only the medicalisation of the moment to hope for? Can we be with it in such a way as to heal as it takes us to the edge of self, where we can renew again?

witches were not baby killers, there was not control over the life and death, there is just a place were we are with woman…


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