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Can I see me?

That incredible feeling of being deeply touched by a film was granted throughout my IMAX journey of Avatar. I howled at the mindless destruction, I melted in the wondrous awe of the fluro forest and I soared with the Dragons. The bit that resonated long after lights came up was the phrase “I See You” … I am familiar with this moment, often spoken “Namaste” in my circles. What struck me was that MILLIONS of people had seen this now, and that concept of being seen, seeing another has just hit the center stage. YAY for humanity on that one.

The Johari window is a model used a lot in Organisational Behaviour, it is a description of that interaction between self and world, also the self and the mirror. My question for myself today, is can I see me?

When we face another, and look into them with the soft gentle eyes of one that actually cares, then seeing another is not an affront, an attack, tis an allowing moment in the knowledge of our shared humanity.  I suspect this is where it would and I’ve seen it, get very tricky for some. For if your perspective on humanity is fairly crappy, or your sense of self loathing quite high, then someone seeing you can and does feel invasive and scary, yet another reason to hate the tree huggin’ hippy, for they made you feel afraid.

Perhaps though if we “see” enough we will be able to stop the madness… That which destroy’s lives, land, community. When I look into the mirror I look for what it is that I can’t see yet, my “quest” is the level of self knowing so that when I sit in front of another I feel close enough to be with.

Still musing…

Ta for now


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