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A woman’s vision.

I sat with an old friend last night, a dear and beautiful sister that has always been able to bear witness to my big and huge possibility visions… This state of sharing vision is quite delicious, tis a part prayer, part excavation, part processing exercise that is mostly about convincing myself that I can do this. With her presence, there, with me, that feeling of being able to actualise all that one can dream is priceless.

It just struck me that there is quite a difference between what I am dreaming and those seemingly endless supply of world domination dreams. What I see is a simple vision… women in circles, in that power filled vessel that can hold a woman through some of the most traumatic of times, as well as some of the most empowering of times. Women in circles the world over, many many of us knowing and living that place that would have us support one another.

In a geographical area, once there is enough circles, a group of circles may get together and begin the process of building a Moon Hearth, or some such name, that is a permanent dwelling, held by a couple of beautiful crones, that is available to the member base as a space to go to to bleed. To stop and be with self, open to what is taking place within. Share and learn what there is to share and learn about being a woman, a cyclical, bleeding and ovulating woman.

Taking it one step deeper, as these Hearths emerge, wouldn’t it be just wonderful if there is a nursery selling seedlings, from the plants that are tended, from the love that is shared. Old heritage seeds that would have us secure deeply the offerings of the blood.

A woman’s vision is often about peace, being with, promoting healing, sharing and learning.  This link is to that intention, perhaps you can join me… and the world can live as one.


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Talking with a very new, and yet deeply known, sister yesterday about the way we need to do business; You see, our gifts, our tools that we offer up were first fashioned for the self, that’s why we know they work. We both create toolage from the center out, something that we were inspired, while bleeding, to build… to try and see if it works… then to make an offering to the world. Tis what I call a Blood Jewell. A powerful knowing that would make for a deeper life, one worth living.

The how of sharing this with the world, that is a tricky part. For they are more delicate than the average product line that has had the vigorous testing. Perhaps that’s it, there is a forge there in the testing, where one gets to stretch out this new product and see how/where/what it’s for. And yet a those focus groups that are used are there, in the circles where we place our gift in the center of and share with our women in our worlds, and there we see the results. The women that are truly changed by the StarFire, those that report of the core shift in their menstrual experience, they are the confirmation that I am still offering up the tools that make for a deeper love of being woman.

I think I might try some YouTubes… make some films that show what it is that I am offering, and soften the state of Marketing into a place that sits well with me, that place of invitation… knowing that only those that can see will know the true colours of what it is that I offer.

Big Love to all!


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So, there we have it, Copenhagen was a failure in so many ways but ONE really important one… the humanity that showed up on the streets, signed the petitions, sent in the photos, gathered all around the world.

To All those Human Beings that stepped up,YAY for You, YAY for us, YAY for the Earth.

But..(from an Avaaz email this morning)  There were some opening champagne in Copenhagen today. The polluting industry lobbyists and corporations — those who have captured our democracies and divided our leaders — celebrated their victory. They operated quietly in the shadows, but their voices were loud in some politicians’ ears. As they drank their champagne their one concern may have been us – the potential of our new people-powered movement. In fact, they’re already launching an attempt to silence us, and next week, we’ll take our fight to the heart of this powerful polluter lobby – watch out for the email...

Now, I can’t help feeling like there is some kind of Humanity in there too? Please, there must be some kind of Human involved in all of this bleak intention. Doesn’t business know that they truly only exist because of their customers?

We need to call the Humanity back into the Boardroom. Its been happening for quite some time, Cluetrain Manifesto was one of the voices that I heard a long while back. Now, though, really right now, we need to be calling out all of the corporations that there is in the black mix of it all and name the names, and call the humans back into the boardroom. For the Earth doesn’t need to understand the “It’s just business”, or “All’s fair in business”. The Earth will shake us all off and start afresh, may take a few thousand years… so.

Tis us the humans that need the saving. So, be aware, make your choices. Lets find out the companies, work out how to call the humanity back into the boardroom. Each of those lobbyists was connected to a company. Naming them, getting the loud noise on and turning that 15 million plus towards these corps with the intention of making business human can do all manner of magicks… to name something out loud, it’s one of the oldest magicks we have.

Tis time…

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Carving the Bones 2010;                           a retrospective calendar.

For recording the hearts expression alongside the bodies experience in the context of the moon.

Build a simple code of colour for your emotional range. Build another code of colour for the bodies events that you want to measure. Choose which side is which, left for heart and right for body, or vice versa. Then drop in at the end of each day and record what it meant to be you today.

This is my version, but each person will have their own words that they use, and their own connection to different colours. The emotional range is something best built over a few days. The bodies events can be a far reaching understanding of what it is that we do and experience in the body. Great for menstrual cycle, libido, chronic health conditions, spiritual practices, even times that you spend doing your art are experiences of the body. If trying to lose weight, there is an opportunity to give a weight range a colour and witness how you’re going in a compassionate way.  Any training of any sort. Get really broad!

Imagine what you will know about you at the end of 6 months, the ebbs and flows, the connections that can be made with this information clearly charted on one single page.

For Ordering your copy, or wholesale for your clients, check out the website.

May your life be yours, with your emotional range wide and deep, your body deeply lived in, with a profound sense of self available.



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