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Offering up our blood, our sacred menstrual blood to the earth is an act of deep connection. To farm with, as a community, a powerful intent to honour all levels of being.

The Findhorn experience illustrates to us the importance of being in true relationship with the earth, what we as humans can feel when we listen, speak and work with the deva realm. The devic kingdom, as profound as the crystal kingdom, has much to share with us, an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom of the gentle strokes of love that humans, earth and plant life can share. It is the level of textures and colours, flavours and nuances. Each individual unique and the combinations endless.

Beneath this level of being is a throb, a pulse, a deep tide moving, ripening and releasing, ebb and flow. This is the level the blood speaks to.
By opening in ones being the aptitude to listen to this throb, to sink into trance and follow the natural rhythms of your desire to do this… now, to open that… now, to draw the other … now, there is incredible capacity to truly be with the turning of the wheel, the cycles of the earth and moon.  Ancient is this wisdom, lost are the ways of understanding the language of the moon and earth as they dance with the sun, but she’s awakening in the psyches of women NOW this long forgotten being WITH.

All over the planet are women reclaiming the blood knowledge, the deeper blood wisdoms. They are menstrual educators, midwives, priestesses, witches, artists, teachers, mothers… and the earth herself is calling to us, each of us, to listen. We all know that we need to find ways to LISTEN to the earth.  Through our bodies, not just our heads.

Here is what I have learnt. Building a blood space, a comfortable, lush and beautiful women only space to allow women to return to the gentle way’s of trance, to create, to dance, to write, to vision even to potter in the garden, blood streaming down her legs. These are the first steps. To build this into the core of a community, where this time and space is honoured and understood as deep passageway to the earth pulse ways of being, this is my dream. I have dedicated my life to this level of understanding, I would be honoured to bring the ways I have learnt and the desire to learn more, of this deep red throbbing pulse, to you…as  a possibility for all.

Menstrual blood has been used throughout the ages to support and protect the seeds. As a practice to incorporate it into farming techniques  there are many ways to do so. As each of the women that are a part of any community become empowered with their blood states, there is the opportunity to collect the menstrual fluid from these women, and sacredly bless the seeds to be planted. As the women bleed, collect their blood whether with a menstrual cup (the keeper or mooncup) or wemoon, re-use-able pads, there can be a place within the farming that would benefit deeply from this offering. As the bio-dynamic principles illustrate, the human consciousness is a powerful farming tool, when blood conscious women offer their blood to the earth in this becomes a whole new level of connected.

Further from here are the governing principles of being with the self, each other, and the earth in a profoundly honouring and grateful way of life. This state at the core of ANY community is one that will flourish honestly.

A single woman bleeding well that is part of a group of women that bleed well together in circle, sharing what they learn, what they see, how to translate it into being in this world as collective vision, something so desperately needed, NOW.  A web of circles that gather at some time during the year, to collectively vision for the bigger tribe. Together reaching down through each individual womb to the earth and reaching back up again through the collective mind to HEAR where we are and what we need to “be, do, share, create, fix, love, forgive… et al” next…

Blessings of the Blood, to you and yours!

Katherine Cunningham


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