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I was pondering what and why we manufacture a moment in time to “DO”… With such a limited time on the planet, with so many possibilities of what to “spend” our time, energy (add cash to this, stored energy) and attention upon, why do we manufacture so many moments to do?

Whether or not it’s the crossword or the FaceBook (FB) quiz designed to find out if you’re a potatoe, there seems to me to be an incredible amount of things out there to distract us from what it is we could be doing. Are they just that though, these manufractured moments? Distractions, something to be warded against?

Some of them are to create time, a moment that can be shared, say with the kids, out at the park, a picnic and egg and spoon race. These are not perfecting a skill, mastering a trade or saving the world, these are times when we allow ourselves to stop doing all the other things we do, to be with. I get these moments. These are important, and if you haven’t done something like this lately, may I suggest that you find a way to manufacture a moment of real connection with your family. Feels like these count more, well they can if its part of what we value in life.

mmmmm What we value in life… is that the key? Do we base our choices on what to do with our time, energy and attention on the values we are living? Even if we’ve never questioned those values, I feel we do…

What do you manufacture moments for?

This afternoon, I’ve made space for a moment happen with my daughter. I’ve built the good kangaroo mince sauce, and we’ll have a lovely time building a BIG lasagne. I wont be able to eat it with her… out the next four nights, but she’ll get a good time in the kitchen with mama, tasting how much I love her!


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In the very early hours of this morning a delicious man held my face in his hands. Strong hands, yet soft and tender. A mans hands on a womans face can be so very comforting, can be so deeply loving. For a moment there I was aware of how many women have had a mans hand on their face in violence, in anger and seeming hatred. What a man can do with his hands, how he can choose to harm or to love, to sooth or to strike. It was but a fleeting moment where I felt this place of understanding, where I knew how very blessed I was to have this incredible mans hands on my face. His heart, his love caressing me, holding me… I am so eternally grateful for his choice.

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I have been building, re-writing, developing, opening up to, STARFIRE for over 4 years now. I’ve only taught it 6 or so times, each time leaping and bounding in its intent, its content, its delivery… and now, here I am teaching StarFire at RMIT, as a consultant for the women’s department… tis a quite delicious taste, this the sweet nectar of victory… not over myself or anyone else, but the victory of reaching the top of a mountain… tis only a small one, at the very begining of a long mountain range… but it’s all mama along the way, she’ll hold me as she does now, firmly clearly and with a deep knowing that I can… for with this act I serve the blood, as I have, as I do and as I will. Woman and Earth, Earth and Woman, the relationship is core, and some of the core solutions are in our ability to define sacred, again, both woman and earth… they need to mean something so much more than what one can make from them… intrinsic value for being both woman and earth.

I teach again tonight… another group of delicious women that I can see my reflection in, offer up my knowings and share the love of the mama…

Aho to the gentle yet persistant ways of the water… the blood.

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