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I’ve just woken from a dream, perhaps in more ways than one. In my dream: women and children were running, hiding, protecting themselves from men, wild murderous men, but there were even some men, protecting us women and children from themselves, creating boundries that they could communicate through but not get through. They felt fearful of themselves and the damage they could do. I was very afraid in the dream, running a number of times from different types of situations, sometimes it seemed as if very real violence was coming at me, but mostly(if not all) it was the intent of violence, the sirens or the sun setting, (there seemed to be a time element to the onset of the violence) The women I was with constantly changed, from my mother and daughter, to biological sister, to my blood sisters, then there were random women, but ALWAYS was there this sense of defending eachother, of looking out for one another, well to a degree… There was a woman, really pregnant, just due, that had moved around/past me in an anonomus state. Then again later she seemed so seperate from the rest of us. Then the last time I saw her, she had impaled her stomach with round spiky hair brush, blood all over it, then she left to die.

There was one scene where we were being rushed out of somewhere (with sirens), so that we could survive, and the getaway vehicle was a flat bed truck with it’s flat bed tilted down so that we could run and jump on to it, pulling eachother up to safety.

The men that were protecting us from themselves were very sad, as well as adament that the precautions were nessecary. Constantly creating distance but remaining present.

I woke with a start, aware of the many layers… Man and his beast, a subject of study yesterday. Being afraid of it as women and children, men being afraid of their own. Women can access this beast too, we’ve been breeding that kind of woman for a while now, one that can totally override the heart matter and switch on the violence, the power over.

Are we all just the animal under the thin veneer of cultural training over the top. BUT is that animal truly violent? the difference between the ability to kill and the creulty to others that only humans seem to be capable of??

Phil Cleary spoke at the Readings part of the V-Day Festival. His twenty year journey since the violent murder of his sister, whose killer was given a reduced sentence due to the law of provocation, Phil’s life, a powerful life. He has been part of removing this “law of provocation” that states, the “madness” a woman can instil in a man makes it not really his fault… which smells of the open meat statements.

As my psyche seems to be sifting through all of this theory in my dreams, I am struck by another reading done that weekend, about the tenderness of wolves, the sweet absence of blood among preditors.

In theory, the bigger our brains got, the more we could think, we began to seperate ourselves from the animal nature of being the animal that we are, with instincts. There began the long journey of discovery of free will, choice, delayed gratification, reward and punishment, power over… and perhaps now, a gentle blossoming of the power within.

As the globe over begins to question, change and embrace this next level of women/men relations… we have a chance to explore that which can be created…

An ode to waking up!


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Ok, here’s a little teaser for the up and cumming “Katherine Cunningham and the Power of the Pussy”

Baubo is an ancient creature of the Greek patheon, in my understanding, please feel free to correct me, in relation to the Persephone/Kore and her mother Demeter myth, commonly referred to as a seasonal myth. (apparently the seasons needed to be personified to be understood, but I digress)

When Demeter found out that Hades had taken her daughter she fell into a funk, a deep depression. Being the Goddess of fertility, everything DIED! The Gods on Olympus didn’t know how to change this and eventually sent in Baubo. She sees through her breasts, and speaks through her yoni. Baubo is the Goddess of untamed female sexuality! Through her baudy jokes, dancing and general nature, Demeter began to laugh deeply, right down to the depths of her belly. From there, feeling somewhat cracked open she continued her quest for her daughter and found her.

Now the Bunny, is the classic 20th century kind, created by Hue Hefner. A symbol of all that was meant to be alluring about women, sexy, cute, pat-able…

To me these two seperate icons of women’s sexuality seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum of how deep a woman’s sexuality can go. BUT perhaps these are but moments upon the timeline of a woman’s sexual life?? phases to move through? can one really start off with the untamed Baubo? or does one begin with the sexual complicity of the bunny?, just because that’s were we all start, our sexual nature in relation to others.

Ahh the beauty of being woman, where we continue to grow and explore!

Viva la Baubo,

Check this out..

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Sacred Womens Space

The Rainbow Serpent Fesitval 2008 had a new inclusion this year, ME! I was invited to hold a sacred womens space for the duration of the festival which was quite an honour.

As I was asked to come, I thought, well why not, “could you get me a tipi?” I asked, and “sure” was the response! So I packed up all the different elements that I thought would make a space both sacred and engaging for women to sink into that lush gentle space of BEING woman. That entailed books (my secret love in life) a collection that spanned the inner workings of woman to the mythical realms of menstruation. Loads of “creating” stuff, think “the creation box” from Playschool but make it more adult, such as beads (glass/wooden/bone/shell) and metal threads, wool, materials such as felts, silks and leather. Then there was the 2D artforms such as paper, pens, pencils, pastels, paints…

So, after unloading it all into my tipi, I then spent the day figuring out how the space would work. I had never done this kind of thing before, holding a sacred space inside a public fesitval. I began as the opening ceremony began, collecting wood for a yoni shaped boat to be created over the time the space was available. Once all the wood was collected I spent the rest of the quiet day weaving it into shape with jute string.

At the begining of the next day, with a bunch of my good sister buddy’s we made a glue of cornstarch and paper mache-ed the bottom of the boat. This dried really quickly and as the women began to enter from the middle of the day it was available for them to add to. The intent was that each woman that came to the space would write something that they wanted to release, gently. Then add to the boat’s inners and at the end of the festival I would take it to the ocean to be sailed away to the deep blue.

Over the duration of the next three days ( I began my cycle on the morn of the Saturday, thank you sweet body) I held space. Just being present to each woman that came through the entrance, offering her a safe place to just be, to express, to discuss, to create, to read… There was much grief that was shared, there were moments of deep release. There were the deep belly laughing of women feeling good about being women.

One of my favorite things to do was to pick up the menstrual cup I had there as one of my teaching tools and ask “has anyone seen one of these?” this would then invoke a great discussion about the application, effectiveness and beauty that a menstrual cup is! See here for a link. http://livinggently.com.au/MoonCup.php

I experiemented by inviting men into the space between the hours of 4-6pm each night. This was to allow them to taste the space and for women to learn to share this space also. There was only one serious man that entered, right on the dot of 4pm, and then stayed till 6pm. His desire to understand quite gentle and beautiful, thus ensuing a deep discussion of sexuality and the similarities between the seman and the menstrual blood, as both places that our culture has decreed that are “shamefull/yucky” and need to be disposed of immediately.

As the fesitval came to a close, on the end of Monday, I walked the finished boat out into the ceremony and through the sacred smoke of the fires to be blessed by the aboriginal peoples that had come to open, invite to the corroboree and then offered up the closing ceremony.

I was most exhausted when I finally arrived home, after 5 days without a shower, that was first, then of a good cup of tea. I then slept, without the “doof doof doof” ringing in my ears!

I will hold this space again, it was an incredible honour to meet so many wonderful women!

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