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To date I have struggled with the blogging… not brave enough to imagine what I could use this moment of time to share with myself and any other to brave the inner workings of Katherine Cunninghams mind, heart… world. But I think I can imagine just a little more now.

I am the center of an emerging organism.

The CEO of Living Gently… with the self, with each other and with the world.

There is a business in there somewhere, although I struggle with that daily. How can serving my truth be translated into business, and yet if I don’t translate this work into business then how indeed will I serve it???

I have finished my first year at uni, RMIT Entrepreneurial Business Degree. There to fathom the mechanics of doing the Entrepreneur thang… but is that being a entrepreneur? or doing entrepreneurial type things? (4 times in two sentences… gotta be a record) still not sure about that. Not sure about VC’s or ROI of over 100%, yes financing is necessary, but does it have to be the intent of the venture, the whole purpose of business. I question this all the time. I am learning that I have chosen business to be the vehicle for my work, because there, at some point, has to be “a purchasing, a valuing” of what I do… which is?

I teach women how to love every day of the month, how to understand and utilise the deep intrinsic power of BEING woman. You can see the near evangelist level of service that this invokes… but I don’t wish to purchase the pulpit, nor have any woman throw her hands up in the air with “I’m not doing that right either…!?!”

I don’t want to create a need so that I can fill it! What I do want to do is set women free from the treadmill of pill popping, tampon plugging, earth destroying, brain dead existing that has been the “medical solution to being a woman” so all women can join the 24/7 erect culture of constantly being out there, up and on, so that yet another multi national corporation can suck the bone marrow of yet another human sacrifice to the altar of commerce.

So, the center of a creature, alive and throbbing with intent to change the world, to free women and men, to distill and serve the deepest of anarchy’s that our culture can bear… “To thine own self be true, and as sure as night follows day you can be false to no other” Sovereignty, to be the master of your life, not functioning from unconscious programs that have you placing tab a into slot b, over and over again. But living a life TURNED ON from the inside out! where your desires, your movement, your passions are uncovered, unearthed, for my experience most of them are found in being in relation to the earth. A life that will wake you from the dream realm, pumping with love of another day at the dojo of living the most delicious life you can imagine! That is the life I strive for, can taste, and feel in those powerful moments that indicate that I almost there…

So, here in these digital pages of ether, I will share with myself and any others along for the ride, the living gently journey…



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