From the Game board of Fae Circles.

For the 20+ years of conversation I have been having with my blood, my womb, I have come to understand that my emotional, mental, physical and deeply spiritual Life are all woven, warp and weft through my womb and the place I stand in my own inner circle of existence. By knowing, learning and trusting these states I consider myself funded from within. I note my externals, the latest song and dance routines from Beyonce, Putin and Turnbull, but I am rarely instructed by them as a function of truth.

It is my blood I consider my source code.

When I create from here, when I sit still in the center allowing what can be to bubble forth, I can feel the balanced state of mind in service to the heart to be the movement of the womb, connected in deep love of Earth. If we were to build from, listen to and TRUST this gentle honest voice of invitation, what could we be together? Where would a world that was listening to womb’s be taken? Would we choose poison and profit over real health and wealth? Would we as womb bearers, those that carry this source code be treated differently if we valued this conversation? If we gave true respect to life giving principles, perhaps even life itself? Could we take our place in the natural world no longer as overlords with a mandate to own, control and exploit OR could we become the noble sentient beings we are, capable of incredible feats of love, cooperation and empowerment.

We know that every solution our planet needs we already have. What we seem to be lacking is the will to use it. As women we get to make many more decisions than we think we do, maybe not at a Federal level, but our buying power is far greater than we give ourselves credit for. The deeper we listen, the stronger the wisdom, the more our decisions are not pushed and shoved by the latest noise, but considered for the overall impact each purchase makes to the health of our family, our community and our Earth.

Recently I have felt to return to an old creation of mine. A game I made for my then 4 year old daughter. It is a non-competitive game that has each player making three wishes at the end, one for themselves, one for an other, one for the Earth. I have translated it from its original form to the current digital .pdf form for ease of transmission. Fae Circles is an offering from my womb, probably one of the first I heard after my daughter was born! I loved it then, and now, trusting that its true intent is to create more love in the world. Offering up the practices to build the will of a family to be guided from within, as a whole, as a group of humans on the same team, with the love of Earth and Fae.

This is an offering from my source code, designed to invoke your source code, that we may all Live Gently, with the Self, Other and Earth. Fae Circles is a family offering, heart family, blood family, soul family. For my blood work, for womb owners (past and present) please see my work at Living Gently, there is much much more than we have ever been encouraged to understand or explore.

Creating our life from the life creating forces, as true ownership of ones sexual force allows for profound sharing! http://ow.ly/i/bZfM4

I am SO EXCITED to share the intensive work of the past 5 weeks, and perhaps my whole life has led me to here…

So many past creations finding their home in this work, feels like all the pieces are finally fitting together.

From the very beginning of working with women I wanted to share what we were talking to, what we were uncovering in the menstrual conversation, I wanted to share this with men. THIS work, feels like there are the mechanisms for real understanding and language to be built in such a way as to create true safety in a woman’s world to really go there, deeply within, knowing he will be able to hold her upon her return, as she has all of herself available to hold him.

We are in some turbulent times, we need to learn to truly trust ourselves and each other. This work deepens the vessel that is your relationship to become the sovereign state you can be, then in a powerful position to serve your family and your community.

Please Check out the details and see if it fits you.

The AMAZING Orly Faya created the perfect expression of Mapping the Loving Landscape. http://www.orlyfaya.com/ http://ow.ly/i/bEWWI

SO very excited and grateful to work with Melissa Shemanna, and the http://www.honeybeetemple.com.au/ to assist us to introduce Preconception Exploration. http://ow.ly/i/bCOBO

The conceptual design for Our Womb Temple.

The conceptual design for Our Womb Temple.

Our Womb Temple. The space within that is our first home. A space within our woman’s body that is Temple if we so choose it to be. If we reclaim the sacredness that we once knew of ourselves. If we became what we believed in.

Speaking with the awesomeness that is Sean and Danni from Earth Works, their Earthship building team that will be doing a build here late summer 2016, at our farm. So very excited to see the path towards the sanctuary this land will become. A place of living with, our self, the whole self, the real self, the one that is fully functional, deeply enough. Reclaiming the sacredness of sex, of earth, of our medicine plants, of death.

I found myself describing the rites of living with. From some kind of Agnihotra, dawn and dusk fire ceremony. A Dark and Full moon oscillation of the Earth Lodge. The seasonal Bio-Dynamics, planting and then adding the animals to the conversation with their breeding expressions. There will be much to just BE with. An ease to slip into, be a part of, rest in. This will be part of what it is you arrive to, as well as the bounty of what the work here is all about.

The process of going in, coming back, making real. That is the practice. Sourcing ourselves from the sacred worlds within.

“The Time has come where each must do their own work of redemption.” Carl Jung.

These times call for our renewed trust in ourselves, what we know of Living Gently with Earth. We are the source of Sacred.

For my Daughters 21st.

I had to be the one to tell her. I couldn’t let the internet tell her… the internet wouldn’t understand her tears, like mine could… My bebe and I grew up on the words of Terry Pratchett. We would listen to him on cassette whilst we painted the pathways on fairylands. For most of her life she would fall asleep listening to one of his story’s. She still does.

My daughter Jasmine’s 21st was a Discworld themed party and even her Grandmother dressed up as Granny Aching. I was one of the witches of course, probably more Nanny Ogg than Weatherwax. The cake was great fun… the elephants gingerbread, the discworld the most giant anzac biscuit of all time.

I am deeply grateful for the gift that Sir Terry Pratchett gave my daughter and I. The gift of shared realities in a world where most teenagers are almost driven from their parents side. The blessings of characters of incredible integrity, looking at you Vimes,  when our world rarely reflects that in places of authority. A simple normalness of powerful women, living powerful lives. The gifts this brings when raising a daughter, he knew, he was raising one too.

For me personally, I read Good Omens as my world collapsed. It was the story that allowed all to dissolve, and for me to understand that I was here, now, with this earth. I could be a part of the “ascension” and just take of me or I could be one of the many midwives for this new world that is arriving, the one that Terry seemed to reach for. The one that cares, lives with, uses all the solution we already possess, offering us the will to wield it.

Something to believe in. The power of story.

Something to believe in. The power of story.

When Jasmine said that she was getting a discworld tattoo for her 21st, I knew I wanted one too. To own it, the effect that Sir Terry had upon us, what the stories did and still do for us. We wear them in separate places, the effect, the tattoo. As a writer, I know the anger that Neil Gaimon describes of Terry Pratchett, I understand that state… Thus I am deeply indebted to these words…

“What would Terry do with this anger?” Then I pick up my pen, and I start to write…

I truly hope my daughter does too.

ace of wands

The Ace of Wand from the Haindl Tarot, the deck I have used from the beginning.

I learnt to read the Tarot over 22 years ago. It was a powerful introduction to a set of tools that to this day, I still love and use regularly. I am still exploring just how far they can reach into our collective understanding, our combined wisdom that has been anchored in those deep and secretive places like the Kabbalah, with it’s 22 paths intersecting the 22 Major Arcana.

For me the cards are about a conversation, a willingness to ask of and listen to another source of wisdom, beyond our logical mind, thus perhaps it’s derogatory response from those that can only trust the logos. When we allow this conversation, and for me a read is at best a conversation, where we bring forth another opinion, no greater nor lesser than your own, and certainly not written in stone.  From this place, this perspective, we have an opportunity to commune, deeply.

… that is, my other worldly self, is chatting with your other worldly self and using the symbols upon the cards we are exploring the stories of your life, seeking the truth in them, the illusion in them, the possibility in them. To share a moment of time with someone, a total stranger and to have a truth come tumbling out over my lips, something held deep within that perhaps has never been given voice, but always know, that is the “freaky bit” of the tarot… that I some how can “know” about you, when what I am doing is reflecting you… tuning into you and allowing that to open us both.

Often I do draw from my life to contextualize what it is that I am feeling, an understanding that I have made in my world, that may assist the brave soul in front of me. For bravery is what it takes to ask a question we may not like the answer to. From here, I trust that the wisdom that is spoken also lays upon my heart softly and wisely, for rare is the read that doesn’t have a few words for me.

These last 3 years I have taken it upon myself to share this art form of reading the Tarot in a class form. Four 4 hour sessions, which in the past were delivered over 4 weeks, but this time I am going to deliver them ALL in one weekend!, I am both excited and a little nervous about the power filled down load that we are going to step into.

To learn this skill set, to open to the wisdom of 78 forms, in a framework, that have the value you create, the wisdom you ascribe is an awesome permission to give yourself.

If you live in Melbourne, perhaps you can join us.

To be allowed..

Happy New Year… the Year of the Horse!.